Quincus Release 2.2.8

Product updates

Highlighted features in our 2.2.8 release include:

  • Upstream and downstream operational support with order notes, package notes, and instructions.
  • View changes made on Shipment Management for your orders
  • Build brand recognition with a white-label URL for your Track & Trace Q-Ship
  • An intuitive way to formulate your shipping rates with Q-Finance

  • Order Management
    • Map more references and notes to your orders
    • View and update changes from Shipment Management
    • Overwrite details with e-POP/POD
  • Driver App
    • View additional package details
    • Flexible package scanning configuration
  • Q-Ship
    • Improved track and trace on your order's map view.
    • White-label URL
  • Q-Finance
    • Shipping rates
    • Additional rates
    • Simulate rates
  • Q-Portal
    • Single-Sign-On with Microsoft
    • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy update
    • Support Tickets and Knowledge Base


  • Map more references and notes to your orders

    • Add additional customer reference ID mapping to the customer's external ID reference.

    • Input package notes to leave remarks for drivers or shipment processing operators with more package handling details of each package. 

    • Include order notes and attach supporting documents to your shipping orders to support operations from upstream order entries to downstream driver execution.

  • View and update changes from Shipment.

    • View changes made to your order from Shipment Management and recalculate the shipping rates whenever the package dimensions are updated.

  • Other notable enhancements

    • Enhanced Search - Bulk Order IDs

    • Cancel Orders via API

    • Pricing integration includes Partner based rates


  • Quickly determine the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) status of a job
  • Overwrite details with e-POP/POD

    Now dispatchers can easily track the updated sender or consignee name on the Dispatch Management platform whenever the driver updates the name of the person acknowledging the pickup or delivery on the driver app.

  • Other notable enhancements
    • Unallocated jobs now have their tab on the Dispatch Management left navigation tab, improving the usability of the main dispatch management page.
    • Get more clarity with the renaming of the "Straight line distance" route to the "Drone flight path" route.


  • View additional package details
    Drivers can be more prepared to handle packages with more information within the driver's dispatch job, such as the package's notes, type, commodity, dimensions, and weight.
  • Flexible package scanning configuration
    Drivers can mark packages as scanned even if their mobile camera breaks down or the shipment label's barcode is damaged by manually selecting packages to be marked as scanned.
  • Other notable enhancements


  • Improved track and trace on your order's map view
    • End customers can track their package's GPS location when the driver starts their pickup/delivery job.
  • White-label URL
    • Build relationships and loyalty with your end customers by leading them to Q-Ship with your corporate URL
  • Other notable enhancements