Quincus Release 6.0.0

Get ready to experience Quincus like never before!

Release 6.0.0 features

Highlighted features in our 6.0.0 release include the following:


Shipment 2.0

    • Improved interface for your operations
      • Get more insights into your shipments using the newly designed shipment list and shipment details page. 
    • Auto-create segments for shipments

      • Set up lanes in advance and auto-create segments based on origin, destination, and service types.
    • Improved shipment status update tool

      • Add additional information, such as supporting attachments and notes, to further supplement your shipment status updates, providing more insights to stakeholders and customers.
      • Update shipment statuses for multiple shipments all in one-go using the bulk shipment status template.


    Customer Portal

    • Timeline tracker

      • Share segment-level information with your customers intuitively using the new timeline tracker on the customer portal.
    • Authenticated Tracking URL (Open tracking vs. Direct tracking)

      • Enable more secure tracking for customers using an authenticated tracking URL, without the need to log in to the customer portal.



    • Custom Order IDs

      • Easily organize your orders by creating custom order IDs. You can also include extra IDs to associate these orders with the same order in external systems.


    Customer Pricing



    • Feature-level permissions

      • Control who sees and edits information by configuring access to certain Quincus capabilities and features for different user roles, securing your Quincus platform database.