Error codes

You might face error codes occasionally when navigating Quincus Platform. Understand the descriptions of common error codes in the table below

Error Code Error Name Error Description Push Media
400 Bad Request This usually means that the data sent by the browser does not conform to the rules of the HTTP protocol. This results in the server being unable to process a request with a malformed syntax.

This can mean that there is something unstable on the user's side, such as a bad internet connection, security issues within the operating system, a cache problem, or a defective browser.

If you receive this error, check your internet connection, delete your browser cache, or restart your internet browser.
Web/Mobile Web
401 Unauthorized This error message will appear usually if you have attempted to access a site they were unauthorized to access or after a failed login attempt. Web/Mobile Web
403 Forbidden If there is an attempt to access a forbidden directory on a website, you will see this error message. 

The most common reason you will see this error message is if the website does not permit users to browse the site’s file directory structure or the specific file requested is not permitted to be viewed from the web. 
Web/Mobile Web
404 Not Found If you attempt to access a non-existent web page, a 404 Not Found error message will appear. If the server cannot find anything on the requested location, you will see a 404 message. 

This error can occur due to a wrongly-typed URL and can also appear when attempting to access removed pages or temporarily unavailable pages.
Web/Mobile Web
408 Requested Time-out You will see this error message when the server does not receive the full request from the user within the set timeframe it has been allocated to wait. 

Repeated 408s will occur if either the server or your system is experiencing a heavy workload or if there is a temporary internet surge that slows down the message being delivered to the server. 

The best immediate step you can take when you get a 408 error message is to reload the page and see if the issue persists. 
Web/Mobile Web
500 Internal Server Error This is a general-purpose error and can occur whenever an internal problem is encountered by a web server. 

When you encounter this error message, you can try to resolve it by reloading the page, clearing your browser’s cache, deleting the browser’s cookies, and restarting the browser.

Web/Mobile Web
501 Not Implemented This message means that the browser does not support the requested feature.  Web/Mobile Web
502 Service Temporarily Overloaded You will see a 502 error when your server is congested – a problem that usually resolves itself when web traffic decreases.  Web/Mobile Web
503 Service Unavailable You will see a 503 message if the site you are attempting to reach is busy or if the server is down. Web/Mobile Web