Delivery Solution (Asset Light)

Features below are available in Starter, Basic, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise

Platform Overview

  • Multi-Language support
  • Export of CSV file for Reports
  • Permission control for based on user roles
  • API-enabled
  • Whitelabelling of URL^ & logo on OS
  • Local time display with time zone*

Order Management

  • Auto-generation of tracking URL for the end customer track & trace
  • End-to-end order visibility with locations/milestones/e-POP & POD/failed delivery reasons
  • Generation of customized shipping documents and barcodes
  • Multiple keyword searches & Filter search
  • Single/bulk order generation
  • Barcode generation
  • Pre-filled data and suggested address string to improve address accuracy

Rate Management

  • Capture pricing to correctly charge the end customers
  • Bulk import of tariffs to easy setup

Shipment Management

  • Consolidation and deconsolidation of shipments
  • Vendors' cost recording i.e., toll fee, extra waiting time cost with approving processes
  • Manual milestone updates and override operational decisions
  • Vendors shipment/package detail recording i.e. weight & dimension
  • Printing ability of shipment documents, driver manifest for handover reconciliation
  • Barcode scanning
  • Multiple keyword & Filter search
  • Segments management for multimodal shipment*
  • Flight tracking through 3rd party integration*
  • Ship tracking through 3rd party integration *

Features below are available in Professional, Premium, and Enterprise


  • Gateway for automation connection with Quincus system

Features below are available in Premium and Enterprise

End-customer portal

  • Real-time map view for end-to-end package & order journey (Ground)*
  • Mobile responsive
  • Real-time milestone view for end-to-end package & order journey (single & multi-mile)
  • Track multiple orders on map view*
  • Order management with different functionality based on end customer type (individual, enterprise)

Features below are available in Enterprise


  • Personalized messages of the pre-defined set of milestones via SMS/email notification (backend set up)
  • CMS for personalized messages to be triggered per milestone via SMS/email notification*

* refers to features that will be released soon.

^ refers to features available in the enterprise solution only.