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Last updated September 05, 2022

Contact Priorities & Examples

Contact Type Priority Impact Situation
Incident P1


Your business has experienced a significant loss of services, requiring immediate attention.

  • Complete loss of service
    The platform is inaccessible, disrupting all services and functionality.

  • Unavailability of critical feature
    A crucial feature is not functioning, and there is no alternative solution available. 
    eg: Unable to track shipments
  • Service is down for all users
    Service provided is not accessible to any users.

  • Confidentiality or privacy breach
    A breach in confidentiality or privacy has occurred, potentially compromising sensitive data.

  • Data loss
    Critical data or records have been permanently lost.
    eg: A missing live order

  • Issue blocking operations
    An issue is hindering normal business operations, causing significant disruptions.
    eg: A group of drivers stuck on one window and are unable to complete their jobs on the mobile app.
    All shipments milestones data doesn't sync in Order, Shipment and Customer Portal.


A loss or degradation of services, but your organization can still function.

  • A service is unavailable for some users
    eg: A driver cannot log in on the driver app. SyntaxError: Unrecognized token

  • Main/Often used functionality is significantly impacted.
    eg: Error 401:Unauthorized - For LE/GE

  • Includes intermittent issues and reduced quality of service. A workaround may be available.

  • A critical function within a system is not functioning for some users.


Small impact on your business.

A minor inconvenience to customers, a workaround is available in Production Environment.
eg: The driver app is showing unexpected/unnecessary information
Questions / Feedback / Need to connect with someone P3

General Issues

Let us know how we can be of help!

  • Questions
  • Feedback
    (platform, features & services)
    > Suggest an enhancement for a  feature
    > Feedback on new feature
  • Need to connect with someone.
    > Training request

Remark: If the priority level is not set in the contact form, the ticket will default to Priority 3.

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